Chemical Information Exchange Network

RĂ©seau d'Echange d'Information sur les produits Chimiques


Welcome to CIEN!

The Chemical Information Exchange Network (CIEN) is a network of people involved in the management of chemicals.

It is:

A mechanism that helps networking and collaboration among various stakeholders
responsible for the environmentally sound management of chemicals

A way to link people at the national level through the use of a shared Web site

A means to create regional and international networks by linking national Web sites, and

A framework that helps the access to and exchange of chemical information that supports national decision-making and the implementation of multi-lateral environmental agreements (MEAs).

CIEN is also a project which the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched in 2000. The project helped establish national and regional networks, and provided training and equipment.

The aims of the CIEN Project are to:

Eliminate barriers to information exchange

Facilitate access to technical information on chemicals on the Internet

Create synergies between national agencies involved in chemical management

Strengthen national capacity for the environmentally sound management of chemicals and participation in international activities and agreement

And in this way

Protect human health and the environment.

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