• A CIEN brings together focal points chemical multi-lateral agreements (MEAs), such as the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions, Strategic Approach for Internation Chemical Management (SAICM) and other stakeholders.

• By strengthening collaboration and using electronic exchange of information, a CIEN helps to overcome gaps in information access as identified in Chapter 19 of Agenda 21.

• Through networking, a CIEN helps coordinate national activities and thus can lead to reduced duplication of effort and ensure a more effective use of resources.

• Through information exchange and establishment of a website, it fosters public awareness and encourage research activities.

• The CIEN Project assists countries in creating an electronic portal and network at the national, regional and international levels. This can facilitate exchange of information with Convention Secretariats, Conferences of Parties and other stakeholders.

• The use of a common platform, such as ESTIS, facilitates the task of MEA Secretariats to act as a clearinghouse.

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