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20 February 2009 - Four countries have joined the CIEN family

Stakeholder meetings, CIEN workshops and an ESTIS training has taken place in four countries. These projects were supported with funds from the Stockholm Convention Secretariat and implemented by UNEP Chemicals. In addition to fostering networking among national stakeholders and the creation of a national portal for chemical information, these trainings focussed on building capacity among parties of the Stockholm Convention to participate more effectively in international deliberations.

For more information on these initiatives, see their websites below:

Sierra Leone - August 2008

Rtd Captain Benjamin Davies, Minister of Lands, Country Planning and Environment launches the CIEN Sierra Leone website.

Kenya - November 2008

Kenya Webmasters joined by two POPs Global Monitoring Programme Regional Organisation Group members

Djibouti - December 2008

Djibouti CIEN network members at the end of their training.

Cambodia - February 2009

Men Vannavy of the NGO Forum of Cambodia receiving her webmaster's certificate.