The Internet offers an effective way to access and exchange information. It is thus an important means to meet information needs.

While there has been rapid expansion of the Internet, there is still a lack of capacity to access it and to use it effectively to find, exchange, store and disseminate information, national data in particular.

The CIEN project provides:

A framework for networking – this improves access to and the exchange of chemical information that supports national, regional and international activities;

Access to the Internet and free information management tools – these can assist problem solving, decision-making, and collaboration among stakeholders;

Reference documents and databases from Intergovernmental Organizations, such as the Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC) and the USEPA;

A hands-on training-of-trainers workshop on the use of the Internet for access to chemical information – this involves a multi-disciplinary group of local scientists, technicians, policy makers and regulators, which helps foster a team approach to problem solving.

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