Be part of a Work Area

The Life Cycle Initiative looks for volunteers who want to contribute to our activities. Please complete and send the application form.

The objectives of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative for 2007 - 2012 are the following ones:

    Objective 1: Enhance the global consensus and relevance of existing and emerging life cycle approaches methodology;

    Objective 2: Facilitate the use of life cycle approaches worldwide by encouraging life cycle thinking in decision-making in business, government and the general public about natural resources, materials and products targeted at consumption clusters;

    Objective 3: Expanding capability worldwide to apply and to improve life cycle approaches.

The objectives will be met through projects in five Work Area Interest Groups:

    a. Life Cycle Approaches Methodologies and Data

    b. Life Cycle Approaches for Resources and Impacts

    c. Life Cycle Approaches for Consumption Clusters

    d. Life Cycle Approaches for Capability Development

    e. Life Cycle Management in Businesses and Industries

Each Work Area counts with Projects. So far ten projects have been endorsed by the ILCP. Click in here to know more about endorsed projects. Projects are established for specific deliverables. Deliverables can be:
  • Statement from experts as a result of a workshop
  • Results from a survey
  • Peer reviewed report or paper
  • Updated web-based information system in ESTIS
  • Results of the implementation and demonstration project in a company or a region
  • List of multipliers or users of the new product/deliverable produced
  • A training programm
  • List of multipliers or users of the new product/deliverable produced

Projects will be installed for a limited period of time, in line with the deliverables committed. Experts belonging to each project communicate via teleconferences and, if possible, face-to-face meetings.

The work of the Project members is acknowledged by giving them credit as authors of the deliverables produced.

Each deliverable passes through a Review Process led by the Chair of a Technical Review Committee (TRC). Once approved by the TRC, the deliverable is presented to the ILCP, which will confirm on next steps to be taken with the new product.

However, the copyright of the report and other outputs stays with UNEP and/or SETAC and the Life Cycle Initiative.

The membership of the Work Areas and the projects is primarily based on expertise in the fields of the initiative, but also regional and stakeholder balance are of importance. The work of the members of the Work Areas and the projects is voluntary. The estimated time effort is of 1-2 weeks per year.

Considering that you might need more details about the kind of work of members of Work Areas before taking a decision, please find below a summary of main concerned activities:

  • Regular forums and meetings to share experiences about best practices and ideas on new projects and deliverables
  • Participation in technical reviews of projects and deliverables
  • Participation in international and national meetings representing the Work Area
  • Internal continuous capacity building
  • Dissemination of the work via personal training based on requests received by the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative
  • Dissemination of the work via the webpages of the Work Areas

If you want to join one Work Area, just fill in the form and send to the LC Initiative Secretariat .