About the logo…

The Life Cycle Initiative logo was designed by Helmut Langer.

His thoughts are the following:

"The logo symbolizes the chain of a product's life cycle with different life cycle stages. The spiraling-in expresses increasing efficiency, the colouring suggests progress towards greenness. It has an open end, that means different options, e.g. recycling, other uses, or the grave of a product chain - in accordance with nature.

The logo has a positive and dynamic appeal, and it shows harmony. It is simple, clear in small, interesting in large, cheerful and powerful, easy to remember.

It is a global symbol: multi-cultural and international. It can be understood by everyone all around the globe. Even without any information it stands for, you can feel the message – it is self-explanatory."

Contact Helmut Langer at email@helmut-langer.eu or visit his website at http://www.helmut-langer.eu.