International Life Cycle Board

The International Life Cycle Board (ILCB) is the governing body of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. The ILCB decides on the work plan and carries out the supervision of all work elements. The ILCB meets twice a year, unless conditions and activities dictate additional meetings. The two founding organisations, UNEP and SETAC appointed the first ILCB members. Subsequent members are appointed and approved by the ILCB itself.

ILCB voting members

Founding partners:

Supporting partners (relevant regional partners and international NGOs; listed alphabetically according to organization):

Sponsoring partners (platinum level, listed alphabetically according to organization):

Sponsoring partners (gold level):

The ILCB is hosted by UNEP DTIE and supported by SETAC

  • Sonia Valdivia (UNEP DTIE, Secretariat)
  • Will Bruce Vigon (SETAC North America)

The inaugural meeting of the ILCB took place together with the launch of the initiative by  Klaus Töpfer  who was then UNEP's Executive Director at UNEP's 7th High Level Seminar on Cleaner Production on 28 April 2002. Since then, the ILCB has been meeting on a regular basis to plan the agenda of the Life Cycle Initiative.