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Evaluation Meeting for Support for Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshlands Project (Phase III) - Summary Report (page7)

3 September 2008
Kyoto International Community House, Kyoto, Japan

Closing Remarks:

Her Excellency Minister Othman expressed great satisfaction on the outcome of the evaluation meeting. Her Excellency stated that Iraq is keen to become a responsible member of the international community following international environmental laws. To do so, Iraq needs the assistance and support of the United Nations, such as UNEP, UNESCO, WHO, and other nations to strengthen the young Ministry of Environment to mainstream the environment in the reconstruction and nation-building efforts.

Mr. Mizuno thanked UNEP for this meeting. He identified key secrets of success for this project. One is the flexible approach adopted by UNEP in the implementation of the Marshlands Project, with frequent consultation to listen to the stakeholder needs and views throughout the project period. Another is the two-way approach and communications between the Iraqi side and UNEP. The third is the efforts for evaluation and monitoring. He would like to utilize these secrets of success in future projects. He mentioned that project has tackled a wide range of issues, and other areas also remained to be addressed for future projects.

Mr. Yoshinaka also thanked UNEP for this meeting, and indicated that he looks forward to the report finalization. He indicated that Japanese Ministry of Environment has a wealth of experiences in the environmental sector and related to the Marshlands in the implementation of nature restoration laws/projects in Japan, such as the 2002 Nature Restoration Promotion Law. Key aspects of nature restoration include transparency, local participation, coordination, and compatibility with socio-economic development. Mr. Yoshinaka indicated that he would convey the outcomes of the meeting and the requests for further support, and expressed his intention to find potential mechanisms for cooperation.

Mr. Bellinello observed that the evaluation meeting provided a platform for frank exchange of views and affirmed Italy’s willingness to support the UNEP proposal for the world heritage inscription process with UNESCO, and advisory role for the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works for corporate/business planning.

Mr. Bakken thanked the participants for their contributions and closed the Evaluation Meeting.

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