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OUTPUTS - Key Expected Project Outputs

The Iraqi Marshlands Project is expected to produce the following outputs:

  • Establishment of a Project Implementation Unit within the Ministry of Environment to address marshland management.
  • Satellite-based observation system for marshland monitoring and regular real-time reports.
  • Marshland Information Network established with equipment and proper user training.
  • Training materials on wetland management, water quality management, technical options and assessment methodology prepared and made available in English and Arabic.
  • Cadre of trained decision makers, experts, and community leaders with on-the-ground experience of technical implementation and policy and institutional aspects of wetland management.
  • Pilot implementation for drinking water, sanitation, and wetland management ($3 million worth, plus assessments and monitoring), for immediate relief to marshland communities.
  • Reports on suitable technological options for wider implementation, and analysis of policy and institutional needs to support longer-term management plan development.
  • Awareness raising materials on the Marshlands.