starting of the second period in studying of the southern Iraqi marshes

A group of researchers from Marine Science Centre ,Basrah University and other Iraqi universities had started the second period of studying the ecological aspects of the southern Iraqi marshes. This activities comes as a cooperation between MSC and Waterloo University . Among the Canadian Initiative. More than 12 stations belongs to the marshes of Basrah, Umarah, and Nasiria, were visited during the period 26/1/2008 to 12/2/2008 . The study include all the biological , physical and chemical properties of the marsh ecology. Such as fish population , primary productivities, zooplankton , benthos...etc.

Marine Science Centre has conducted a meeting with a scientific and an administrative team from Thi-Qar Agriculture Directorate and Basrah Agriculture Directorate to discuss the plan of creating a new sanctuary in the marshes of Thi-Qar governorate.

A group of MSC researchers have participated in the Arabian seas International conference on science and Technology of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Oceanography which was held in Kuwait during 10-13 Feb 2007 in order to present several researches and posters related to the sciences that are focused in the region. Marshes researches had a remarkable presence in the conference .The relation between marshes and shatt Al-Arab in the Gulf , the effects of the dams built on Euphrates on marshes and the whole environment of the North of the Gulf where discussed in one hand. On the other hand several poster and on the aquatic birds of marshes where shown representing its variety and immigration from the regional countries.
The importance of this conference emerged in the presence of researchers from the regional countries (Kuwait, Iran, Iraq) who discussed the reality of an important Environment of marshes related to the three mentioned countries.
MSC is working in cooperation of the Advancement centre for studies and documenting a guiding program for the countries women in mashes including a course for literacy.

A group of representatives from Basrah Governorate has participated in "The sustainable management for Iraqi Marshes Workshop" held in Japan 7 Dec. 2006 . The workshop was patronized by the UNEP and included presenting several presentation that illustrate MSC activities /Basrah University and Basrah Governorate in the held of marshes. While Dr. Malik H. Ali represented MSC , Mr. Lue'i Al-Battat was representing Basrah Governorate , later on details about the workshop will be published


MSC has the pleasure to announce the availability of a CD entitle the Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshes "The Ecological friendly technologies in Drinking Water Section"
The CD is available at Dept of Developing & Research, Marine Science Centre,Basrah University .


Dr. Malik H. Ali has presided a group of researchers representing MSC in the "Establishing Conference For Electing the Coordination committee of the Southern Iraqi Marshes" on 16-17 Jan. 2007 . The conference was held in the Oil Cultural Centre and included several sessions . At the end of the conference they agree upon the formation of the establishing committee which will be announced after being authorized .

Workshop: Impact of pesticides on Environment and human

On Thursday 21 Dec. 2006 a workshop held in the region west of Sallal marsh in Basrah governorate.The workshop held by the Dept. of Media in Environment Ministry in collaboration with Environment Directorate of Basrah and Marine Science center in University of Basrah which represented by Ecotoxicologist Mr.Mustafa Sámi Faddagh who presented a lecture about the impact of toxins used in fishing and capturing birds in marshes.
Five civil societies participate the workshop and they were positively cooperate in the discussions about this topic.

Enhancement of Bunnei (Barbus Sharpeyi stocks in the Basra Marsh )

For the Enhancement of Bunnei stocks in Basra marshes, Marine Science Centre and Basra Agriculture directorate had signed a contract for supplying a fresh water fish hatchery which will be used for the propagation of the local fishes especially Barbus sharpeyi , Barbus xanthopteous and Barbus grypus .
The next steps in this cooperation will be the contraction and training of the directorate staff.

Lectures in Biodiversity & Ecological effect of pollutant & Evian flue

As a results of the scientific cooperation between Basrah university and Agriculture directorate , two lecturers had been conducted in Al-Qurna city for the secondary school students (girls) , The first lecture about the importance of hadean environment , Biodiversity , Evian flue & the pathogens that come from contacts with animals .
The second lecture focus on the ecological awareness of the women and their role in healthy environment & the effects of pollutants on the family health .