+ In the field of zooplankton

Marine biology Department of MSC have the following scientific abilities :

1.Classification of fresh water Rotifers & Consultations in its aquaculture.
2. Identification and classification of marine , brackish as well as fresh water copepods of middle east region to the species .
3. Identification & classification of Cladocera to species .

+ In the field other Invertebrates :

Marine biology Department of MSC have the scientific abilitie :
Classification of fresh water Mollusca .


Aerobic Spores org/100mL
Aeromonas spp. Org/100mL
Campylobacter spp. Org/L
Clostridium perfringens Org/100mL
Coliforms Org/100mL
Colony Plate Count - 20°C Org/mL
Colony Plate Count - 35°C Org/mL
Colony Plate Count (anaerobic 30°C) Org/mL
Colony Plate Count (marine water 25°C) Org/mL
Desulphovibrio spp Org/100mL
E.coli Org/100mL
Enterococci Org/100mL
Faecal Coliforms Org/100mL
Faecal Streptococci Org/100mL
Fungi Org/100mL
Heterotrophic iron precipitating bacteria Org/mL
Klebsiella spp. Org/100mL
Legionella spp. Org/mL
Pseudomonas spp. Org/100mL
Salmonella spp. Org/L
Shigella spp. Org/L
Staphylococcus spp Orgl100ml
Sulphite-Reducing Bacteria Org/100ml
Vibrio spp. Org/100mL