Welcome to nESTs, an information system maintained by staff at the Environmental Technology Centre (ETC), Murdoch University, Western Australia. This site contains a searchable database, with the aim to assist the transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs).

Environmentally Sound Technologies have been defined in Chapter 34 of Agenda 21 as technologies which "protect the environment, are less polluting, use all resources in a more sustainable manner, recycle more of their wastes and products, and handle residual wastes in a more acceptable manner than the technologies for which they are substitutes".

The ETC is a Centre of Excellence for research and development of technologies which support sustainable development. The ETCs 1.7 hectare research, development and display site demonstrates the integration of technologies in water, food production, energy and material resources (including building technology) as options toward a more sustainable future.

This site contains a searchable EST database, as well as a search function to enable you to search for general information within the site.

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The ETC as the UNEP-IETC Cooperation Centre for the Asia-Pacific Region was the first of many UNEP-IETC partners to work with ESTIS.

nESTs has been developed by ETC staff using ESTISbuilder, a tool which enables interested partners to create their own database of ESTs from their own endogenous knowledge base. Once a site is established, partners can choose how much of this information they would like to share with the rest of the world. Groups can then employ ESTIS to form a community, enabling sharing of information via a common database.