The ETCs research and technology program includes projects in the areas of water, food, energy, and material resources (including building and construction). The emphasis of the ETCs work is the interactions between these areas.

Providing organically grown food during a period where much of our land has reduced arability or has been affected by certain contaminants is a defining challenge for people everywhere. ETC staff, students and community members have worked together to put into practice a living example of Permaculture to demonstrate the benefits obtained through alternative food production.

Permaculture is a return to a more holistic, integrated method of farming and living. Where efficiency of use of resources including energy, water, materials and space need to be considered simultaneously and revisited over time to maximise food production while ensuring the health of the land is not compromised in the process.

Using Permaculture as a basis for landscape design and strategic placement of technology systems means that food production can be integrated within the Urban Community, rather than being seen as only a Rural or Remote practice.

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