The ETCs research and technology program includes projects in the areas of water, food, energy, and material resources (including building and construction). The emphasis of the ETCs work is the interactions between these areas.

Research and Development at the ETC is keen to foster the move toward eliminating the notion of waste. As an alternative to short material life, the ETC focuses its research and development on continuous materials cycling.

One key area is the use of appropriate building materials, including the use of recycled materials in construction. Further consideration includes the reuse of construction waste and, where required, appropriate disposal.

Other material cycles investigated include alternatives for paper production, compost production and the use of dry and wet composting toilets.

In considering the appropriateness of a material, ETC staff question lifecycle impacts, including their method of manufacture, use and final disposal. This enables a better understanding of where more environmentally beneficial substitutes can be found and what innovations might take place.

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