The ETC's research and technology program includes projects in the fields of water, food, energy, and material resources (including building and construction). The emphasis of the ETC's work is the interactions between these areas.

The ETC is committed to integrating Renewable and Alternative Energy sources into energy production and consumption. The research and findings are applied within both urban and remote area contexts.

Currently the ETC has integrated Wind and Solar technologies to provide energy for the Centre. Other developments include the production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil and also looking at anaerobic digestion of biological waste for production of methane as a cooking fuel.

Whilst identifying alternative and renewable sources of energy is a priority area of research for the ETC, innovation in the consumption of energy is equally of importance. The ETC is actively putting in place a range of initiatives and projects within the Built Environment to decrease energy use in relation to water heating, space heating and cooling, and transport.

The ETC is currently undertaking research on the effectiveness of the integrated climate control system installed within the Waalitj building. Monitoring of the system will be carried out over an extended time period, with comparisons to optimal human comfort conditions made. Results of the study will enable further development of the system with ongoing improvements.

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